Dallas M. Ducar, MSN, RN, CNL, NREMT - Research Associate

Ducar, Dallas About
Dallas Ducar

Dallas is currently pursuing her psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner certificate and works as a psychiatric nurse. In the past, Dallas has focused primarily on applied ethical theory, along with bioethics, identity theory and neurophilosophy. Much of the work which she engages in correlates with contemporary investigations into neuroscience, psychiatric-mental health, and cognitive science. Dallas’s work seeks to challenge some of the dilemmas we currently face in these fields along with what these fields may face in the future. She is currently interested in how neuroscience and psychiatric-mental health research will inform many current ethical theory and insight.

Dallas’s main research interest focuses on the mind-body connection and the relationship to moral behavior and identity. She remains fascinated by the impacts of contemplative practices, intentional living, and the effects of stress on our neurological wiring, immunological functioning, and the entirety of our well-being. She also collaborates with the Olsson Center for Applied Ethics, the Contemplative Sciences Center, and the School of Medicine. She remains an active volunteer at the local Charlottesville-Albermarle Rescue Squad. Dallas is also the founder of Grounds: The Virginia Journal of Bioethics and continues to provide guidance and peer-review on the Editorial Board as Editor-in-Chief Emeritus. Dallas finds meaning and passion in her daily life by spending time with her coyote-dog, exploring the wilderness, and spending time with her loving family and friends.