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2015 News


NBC29 - Motivational speaker gives lecture at UVA School of Nursing (Marcus Engel featured)

"A 'pause' for reverence in the Emergency Room" - read The Daily Progress article, here.


Written by Lois Howland and Susan Bauer-Wu, The Mindful Nurse was this month's cover article of American Nurse Today, which is the publication of the American Nurses Association.

Susan Bauer-Wu and Dorrie Fontaine recently ‌talked about the Compassionate Care Initiative with  HealthCetera Radio (formerly Healthstyles), part of The Center for Health, Media & Policy at Hunter College City University in New York. Listen to the full broadcast, here.

"Hot off the press": Susan Bauer-Wu and Dorrie Fontaine's article Prioritizing Clinician Wellbeing: The University of Virginia Compassionate Care Initiative was recently published in Global Advances in Health and Medicine (Vol. 4, Num. 5)‌.


Local NPR station WMRA reports on "The Pause", which was started at UVA Medical Center by Compassionate Care Clinical Ambassador Jonathan Bartels and is now spreading to hospitals around the country. Listen to the broadcast, here.


Clinical Nurse Leader Student and CCI Ambassador, Lauren Catlett, presented a Mobile Resiliency Proposal at UVA's PNSO Cabinet meeting. Checkout her PPT presentation for the "Compassionate Care Cart", which was approved and supported by PNSO.

Authors of the top entries to the 13th Annual Celebration of Reflective and Creative Writing gave voice to their writing, when they stopped by local NPR station WVTF and read their work. Listen to the recordings, here.


UVA Compassionate Care Initiative responds : It's not okay to make fun of patients!

The Washington Post carried Melissa Behl's (CNL '15) powerful essay - Putting on your 'professional hands'. Her narrative was one of the top entries to this year's Celebration of Reflective and Creative Writing.

Local news station NBC29, interviewed Callie Bateman (BSN '16) and Melissa Morgan (MSN '17), authors of two of the top entries to this year's Celebration of Reflective and Creative Writing. Read or watch the piece, to see how writing contributes to their resilience.

Student, writer, nurse: Annual writing contest helps process bedside experiencesUVAToday article about the 13th Annual Celebration of Reflective and Creative Writing.

Student, writer, nurse: The results of the 13th Annual Celebration of Reflective and Creative Writing at the University of Virginia School of Nursing.

Susan Bauer-Wu was interviewed by WTJU's "Soundboard" about the radio documentary series Resilient Nurses, which was supported by the Compassionate Care Initiative. Listen to the full interview online.


A Purple Butterfly Taught Me Compassion: A blog post for the Oncology Nursing Society's news magazine, written by UVA RN to BSN student and Compassionate Care Student Ambassador, Crystal Chu.

Why RNs' resilience matters - and how UVA is nurturing its practice. See the NBC29 interview with CCI Director Susan Bauer-Wu and nursing student Laura Goad here.


What ails the nation's RNs - and what might heal their broken hearts. Read more about it here. Also, listen to inspiring and powerful stories from the Resilient Nurses audio podcast which is now available online.


After a 6 year rennovation project UVa's School of Nursing has completed renovations at McLeod Hall. See the Newsplex coverage here.

Why teaching compassion and resilience has everything to do with quality patient care. See Dean Fontaine's SCCM speech here.


2015 Awards

The 13th Annual Celebration of Reflective and Creative Writing sought original writings that illustrated experiences, impressions, and images from the nursing students' perspective. Below is a collection of the top entries.




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