These practices focus on sending feelings of acceptance, gratitude and forgiveness to oneself and others.

Loving Kindness

This meditation incorporates wishing compassionate thoughts toward oneself and others.

For a guided, audio version, of the Loving Kindness exercise, click here

Making Room for Forgiveness

This compassion meditation is centered on forgiving ourselves and others in our lives who may have hurt is in any way. In this practice we notice any thoughts or bodily sensations that may arise in sending forgiveness messages toward ourselves and others.

For a guided audio exercise in making room for forgiveness, click here.

Caring by Sharing

With this meditation, the body and mind sits with the idea of giving. We think of an individual with whom we would like to give an object or action. We observe the body and mind as thoughts of sharing arise.

Empathetic Joy

In this meditation, joyful empathy is fostered by bringing to mind individuals who have brought joy to us, those we feel "neutral" towards and those who we may have negative feelings toward. Well wishes are sent to those individuals. In response we tune into the response of the body and mind.

Looking Inside and Outside

In this exercise we become more acquainted with the present moment through visual observation. Utilizing our senses allows us to notice the environment in which we are living in as we practice tuning in to the given moment.

Reflections on Gratefulness

The following practices can be done as meditations only or with the addition of writing in a journal. The goal here is to connect with aspects of your life, current and past, for which you are genuinely grateful.