These practices bring an awareness to one's moment by moment experience by using the five senses of the body

Opening to Presence

In this practice, the mind and body tune in to the present moment by becoming aware of the presence of another individual .This practice is done with another person, someone with whom you share a positive connection and is receptive to doing it with you.

Touching & Being Touched

Take time to reflect on the sensations of touch with this practice. Either through reflection alone, or also through writing, consider your relationship with touch.

What Matters Most and Setting Priorities

Defining priorities allows for greater clarity in everyday life. By reflecting on the important people and activities in our lives we may foster an abundance of energy toward actions that align with our priorities.


Mindful clinical encounters allow one to tune in to the present moment, engage the senses of the body, and remind clinicians of the worth of their own self, the patient, and family by encouraging connectedness.

Mindful clinical encounters: W-O-R-T-H a lot and pay dividends!

Wash your hands with awareness, feel the warm water and watch the soap lather and rinse away.

Open the door, notice the experience of walking into the room, and observe the patient and family as you enter.

Remember you are caring for a person who has a full life, who is much more than a disease or a procedure.

Take a couple of slow, full breaths and tune in before saying or doing anything.

Handle the patient’s (and family’s) concerns with calm, clarity and heartful presence.

 Developed by Susan Bauer-Wu, PhD, RN, FAAN